Multiverse LA - Android Jones Samskara Exhibit 2019

Multiverse LA - Android Jones Samskara Exhibit 2019


Pasadena CA

FB: Eric Ajna Sound Healing
IG: Eric_Ajna_Soundhealing


Eric Ajna is a Sound Therapist, Reiki Master and Clairaudient healer from Pasadena CA. After a near death experience in his youth, he was called to assist in the evolution of the human spirit through a combination of sound therapy practices and eastern wisdom teachings. His unique approach to sound healing using tuned analog frequencies mixed with contemporary sound healing techniques manifested the fully immersive healing modality "Lightwave Harmonics" which uses a spectrum of 432hz sound sequences integrated with the experiential practice of intuitively guiding sound current to assist in the natural healing of the bodies auric field and chakra systems. Through the use of chakra tuned crystal singing bowls, planetary gongs, tibetan singing bowls, synthesizers and overtone chanting, Eric will lead you on a restorative and transformational journey into the deepest realms of the heart.

Eric’s facilitated sound meditation workshops in both Yoga Studios across Southern California and transformational festivals like Lucidity, Curious LA and Multiverse LA.