Sound Healing


Sound healing has played an integral role in both ancient and contemporary healing arts for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest and most ancient healing modalities in the world.  Sound healing may also be called Sound Therapy, Sound Meditation, Sound Alchemy and Binaural Beats. It has naturally evolved over the years to integrate specific healing techniques and encompasses both eastern and western wisdom traditions.  It compliments both modern medicine and new age healing modalities into one deeply restorative practice suitable for all ages.

Sound healing uses the power of sound to restore and re calibrate ones mind, body and spirit back into to a state of natural balance and wellbeing.   Using a mixture of both native and contemporary instruments the specially tuned harmonic vibrations have a deep penetrating effect on the receiver, promoting relaxation, emotional and physical healing and inward peace.

Specially tuned instruments are meant to entrain the mind to move into deeper Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave states mimicking the natural vibrations of the brain in sleep. By creating a safe container for each client, the subtle weaving of these frequencies induces a powerful meditative state where profound levels of healing can emerge.

As human beings, our bodies are comprised of many elements though a large percentage of our body mass is made of water. An estimated 60%!  When sound is intuitively guided through the body, these frequencies move through our tissues and major organs gently massaging our bodies and replenishing the brains neurons and reward centers. The sound also resonates directly into our cellular memory releasing emotional, spiritual and physical blockages. It is not just an auditory experience, it is quite similar to that of a nice warm bath on a rainy day.

Clients may experience many different sensations in the body including profound levels of happiness, peace and tranquility.  The sound acts as a focal point of concentration reducing mind chatter and unnecessary inward dialog. Many people emerge from a sound therapy session feeling lighter, calmer and refreshed.

 Examples of Instruments Used:

·      Crystal Singing Bowls

·      Tibetan Singing Bowls

·      Tuned 432 – 440hz tuned sound frequencies

·      Gongs

·      Tuning Forks

·      Vocal Toning

·      Native Flutes, Drums,  Chimes, Rain Sticks, Ocean Drums


Benefits of  Sound Therapy:

·      Deepened meditative experience

·      Inward peace and relaxation

·      Enhanced sense of wellness

·      Improved sleep

·      Decreased stress and anxiety

·      Release of blocked emotions

·      Increased concentration and mental clarity

·      Heightened sense of presence

·      Increased emotional and physical energy